Digital solutions

Our graphic digital content educational, focusing on healthy lifestyle. Educating patrons on societal health issue.

Digital waiting room screen

Waiting is not fun, but isn't always possible to avoid it. One way to make patrons feel better during their time in waiting in the waiting area is to offer them an interesting distraction.

Digital interactive

Interactive platform delivers practice information, conditions and treatment options and that empowers them to take ownership of their health.

Advisory & consulting

This provides an integrated and collaboration approach to delivering comprehensive solutions to it's client, through a wide range of advisory service.

Healthy facilities assessment

The content is to provide evidence for policy, planning, and management of health system development with particular focus on the area of physical assets within the health sector.

Coaching & mentoring

This content includes tips on diet , exercise and other lifestyle tweaks patients could make to improve their health.


  • Create a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere & reduce perceived waiting times.
  • By making us of digital signage, patrons in waiting areas can be educated about new products or offering.
  • Educate customer about various health lifestyle and diseases, while they wait.


  • Dental Practice
  • Medical Center
  • Health Practitioners Association

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